What is GamePlanPro

  • GamePlanPro is a mobile service platform that enables the delivery of efficient, custom workflow solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. It has been specialized for use in a multitude of industries: HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Street Lighting and Traffic Signal Servicing, Roofing, Fire Inspection, Legal and Financial services, and more.
  • GamePlanPro tracks everything critical to the success of your business: equipment, contracts, work assignments, labour, materials, quotations, invoices, and accounting interfacing.
  • GamePlanPro provides tools for all functions in an organization: scheduling, projects, customer relationship management, document merging, reminders, wikis, mind mapping, email, vacation management, task management, data search, and reporting.
  • GamePlanPro is cloud-based, providing turnkey 24x7x365 up time on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Anyone on your team can access any information, from anywhere in the world.

How is GamePlanPro Different

  • No two companies are the same, so GamePlanPro doesn’t try to box you in with boilerplate software. We build each client-specific solution from the ground up to do exactly what your business needs, no matter your industry or requirements.
  • GamePlanPro provides high visibility and transparency compared to other systems, so every member of the team can see the whole field, enabling informed decision-making and happier customers.
  • GamePlanPro is easy to use. Each project is custom, so our clients don’t feel overwhelmed by bloated options they don’t need. We help you choose what’s right for your organization.
  • GamePlanPro is affordable. Ucora has spent years developing techniques and technologies to enable extremely rapid development of highly reliable custom systems, a service that used to be reserved only for corporations with multimillion-dollar budgets. GamePlanPro is affordable for everyone, from startups to Fortune 500 firms.

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